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We are RedPanda Systems, a team of dedicated IT professionals with over 20 years of accumulated technology experience. Get to know our experts.


David Shultis, CISSP, MBA

President, Co-Owner at RedPanda Systems

Using over 20 years of technology experience along with his CCNA, CompTIA A+, and CISSP certifications, Dave provides a multitude of IT services that include cybersecurity, cloud backup, and more. Functioning as the President and Partner at Red Panda Systems, Dave oversees all operations of the company and works directly with small businesses, ensuring that they not only get the IT coverage and protection they need, but develop understanding of those processes, empowering them to expand their business. Learn more about Dave.




Keith Hummel

Co-Owner at RedPanda Systems

Keith is a partner at RedPanda Systems, certified in various areas of IT. He  works alongside Dave and the Red Panda team supporting small businesses, where enjoys making sure their IT systems are up and fully operational so that he can help enable productivity and relieve the worry of the company systems working. Learn more about Keith.





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