vCIO Services

Professional vCIO Consulting

RedPanda Systems makes each clients’ needs our number-one concern. Sometimes, that requires ongoing services to manage their information and systems. Businesses depend on us as consultants for virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services. Our third-party service can save you money and lighten your company’s workload. Those who cannot afford the time or salary for a conventional Chief Information Officer find our vCIO consulting services affordable and effective at many applications without accommodating a full-time position.

Virtual Services We Provide Our Clients

When you invest in RedPanda Systems’s vCIO services, you get all the benefits an executive position would provide without having to make room in your office. Here are examples of the many services we offer our clients:

  • Write and update the needs and priority tasks for your information technology (IT) management
  • Communicate with your IT support provider about your employees’ technical resources
  • Organizing training and technical support when your company switches or updates its IT system
  • Recognize and resolve IT issues with a service provider or IT professionals before they affect your employees 

Benefits of a Virtual CIO

We offer our vCIO services to save companies the hassles of having a dedicated, full-time executive position. There are many advantages to our third-party consulting, such as the following:


The expenses of having an in-house CIO include an executive salary, office space, and employee benefits. You can save on all these costs with our virtual CIO services at affordable rates.


Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the IT field make our virtual consulting an invaluable asset to your operation. We understand the technologies you use and how to manage them.


With the CIO’s responsibilities off your plate, you and your employees can focus on running your company and growing your profits.

Ready to Manage Your IT Operations

Whether you are concerned about keeping on top of your IT updates and issues, or your staff needs sufficient training and support, RedPanda Systems is ready to help you. Our extensive IT expertise makes our vCIO consulting services an important asset to manage your systems and applications. Let our technical professionals handle your company’s information technology needs, and we will take the burden of daily computer operations off your shoulders.

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