The RedPanda Podcast Episode 4: The Impact of IT and Technology in the Sales Industry

Welcome back for our fourth installment of The RedPanda Systems Podcast! In this episode, we are joined by Nic Jones, Principal/Owner at PacWest Sales, where we discuss the role of IT and technology within the sales space and the its impact on the evolution of remote work. Watch the fourth episode below!



About Our Special Guest, Nic Jones

Nic Jones has over 15 years of sales and support experience.  As one of the Principal Owners and Vice President of Pac West Sales, Inc, he currently manages the firm’s sales, operations, and customer support functions with associates and offices in eight states. Nic holds an active C-21 (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractor) license in the State of Nevada and has extensive practical and technical experience in the plumbing/HVACR space.

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