The RedPanda Podcast Episode 3: Connecting with the Community Through Fashion Design and IT

Today we bring you the third episode in The RedPanda Systems Podcast! For Episode 3, we connected with local fashion and interior design teacher Levi Harbeson from Southwest Career Technical Academy, where we discussed his beginnings at the school, the projects his students work on, and their overall impact in the Vegas community. Watch the podcast to learn about our involvement with Levi and Southwest Tech!



About Our Special Guest, Levi Harbeson

Levi Harbeson works at Southwest Career Technical Academy as a Fashion and Interior Design teacher where he helps students sharpen their skills in designing new clothing pieces, patterning drafting and much more. He also specializes in original costume design work, costume and garment construction, wardrobe styling, and costume wardrobe management. We previously partnered with him and his students in which they created new uniform designs with RedPanda System’s branding.

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