The RedPanda Podcast Episode 2: Helping Young Adults Find Their Passion to Be Set For Success

We’re back with another podcast! In episode 2, we spoke with Mande Jones at The Just One Project in Las Vegas. She is the Director of their Youth Programs where she helps middle school and high school students develop crucial skills to help them succeed in life. Watch the podcast to learn more about her and The Just One Project, as well as Red Panda System’s involvement with the organization!



About Our Special Guest, Mande Jones

Mande Jones has worked in the Clark County School District for over 15 years where she taught special ed and resources classes, as well as running one of the largest after-school programs in the state. She was recruited by The Just One Project where she initially ran summer camp for middle school and high school students. During her time, she developed the Leadership Program where she works with 16 to 20 years help them develop and refine key skills to help them to succeed in the future.

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