Non-Profit Collaboration, Red Panda Gives Back

Keith from Red Panda Systems is looking over the sholder of a student helping them with their computer programming

At Red Panda Systems, we don’t just educate our clients on technological processes and more to succeed in their business. We love to give that same expert knowledge back to the community. As technology continues to evolve, so does its integration and importance in society. That’s why over the last few weeks, we partnered with The Just One Project in Las Vegas to educate young adults about technology and provide them with valuable skills they can use in the future.  

The Just One Project is a non-profit organization that works with talented people to give back to the community by strengthening and connecting it better. When Dave discovered this organization, he was inspired by their efforts to educate the youth in Las Vegas through their various programs. However, he noticed that the organization did not offer any type of technology education. Fueling his desire to help the youth, he decided to fill this gap for The Just One Project. He got the Red Panda Systems team together and built a 6-day technology course in conjunction with Leadership Academy at the organization.  

Spanning over three weeks and two times a week, Red Panda Systems spent countless hours planning and executing their technology course covering an array of relevant topics. They began with the basics of technology, going in-depth on the everyday devices they use like smartphones and laptops. The team also walked through how to use several practical programs like office software suites that are used in day-to-day work. Later on in the course, they taught students programming skills as well.

Keith with Red Panda Systems is helping a studnet troubelshoot an issue with thier program they are writing with the sample program shown on a TV ahead of them

Using Python as their programming language, Red Panda Systems helped students create and play their own simple video games, along with how to troubleshoot code when it doesn’t work. Due to the programming languages versatility, the skills learned throughout the course can be used in various technology fields like data mining, data science, web development, gaming, scripting, and much more.  

One of the students’ interests sparked so much that she began helping other students with their programming. In the eyes of Dave, she was a “prodigy of programming”. This is exactly what the team wants to achieve. They want to spark an interest in the students to learn a valuable skill that can help them succeed in life and provide for their families. But providing the knowledge wasn’t enough for Red Panda Systems. Computers are essential for school, and in most cases, for work as well. However, computers are quite expensive, especially for those with lower income. Because of this, on top of providing the course, they went as far as to donate laptops to each of the six students who participated in the course.  

Whether it’d be working with businesses or the youth, Red Panda Systems has always taken pride in serving as the catalyst for growth. In the eyes of the team, guiding youth using their technology expertise is a win-win situation, and they look forward to doing it again. 


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