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RedPanda Systems Offers Hosted Servers for Small Businesses

When small businesses require server hosting services they turn to the experts at RedPanda Systems. As a leader in IT security and server hosting, you can always count on our team to assist you with comprehensive and affordable solutions to help your business thrive. Our dynamic team of IT specialists will work alongside you to ensure that your business is protected. Learn more about our server hosting capabilities and contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Is a Dedicated Hosted Server?

A hosted server is used to store websites and files, including images, games, data, and other content. As a hosted server provider, RedPanda Systems offers services for small businesses looking for a secure and affordable way to store their business information. Having your company’s data securely stored and readily accessible is a valuable asset to any business.

Why Should I Choose a Dedicated Server Provider?

Many small businesses find it cost-prohibitive to host their servers. On top of all the upfront costs for hardware and networking, you’re also responsible for monitoring and protecting your servers. Luckily, RedPanda Systems offers server hosting services for small businesses in the area. With dedicated server space and remote access, you can conduct your regular business operations without having to buy, install, and manage a server at your physical location. You also don’t have to worry about losing all your data if a fire, flood, or other disaster damages your in-house server since we keep your files safely stored and ready to access any time at a secure server location.

What Is the Benefit of Hosted Servers for Small Business?

Using a hosted server for your business comes with many advantages, including financial perks and freedom from managing your server, which provides you with more time to run your business. Our dynamic team will work with you to provide the best service in the area. Some of the advantages of choosing us to host your server includes:

You Don’t Share Server Resources – Other server host providers may force you to share server resources. With our hosted servers, you get the full resources without worrying about slow connections or file transfer due to spikes in bandwidth usage.

Enhanced Security – Not only will you experience better performance, but our IT team will also protect your important information stored in our servers from spammers and malicious threats.

Server Flexibility — Dedicated hosting allows you to customize the server to your unique needs, including disk space, RAM, CPU, and software. The freedom to tailor your server platform and software gives you more control over how it operates.

UNIQUE IP ADDRESS – You’ll receive a unique IP address with a dedicated server that prevents lowering your website’s rank because of a shared IP with an adult site or spam site. If you run an e-commerce site, a unique IP address is significant when you require SSL for credit card processing.

More Affordable – A hosted server gives companies access to a server’s resources without managing them themselves. You don’t have to shoulder the costs of buying and installing the hardware, nor do you handle the maintenance expenses.

Why We’re a Trusted Dedicated Server Provider

As certified and experienced IT Support Professionals, you can contact the experts at RedPanda Systems for all of your small business IT security and server hosting needs. We offer fast and reliable services intent on helping you manage your business’s information technology, so you don’t have to. If you need IT solutions from a reputable and knowledgeable team, you can contact us today.

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