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Learn how law firms can fight off cyber attackers, follow compliances and standards, and secure their data and secure victory in court.

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RedPanda Systems works with a variety of industries, and law firms are one of them. Through our experience, we learned how law firms operate and use technology, as well as the sensitivity with their data. It is important for firms in this industry to protect their data, as it will not only save their money and trouble, but their clients as well. We wrote the “Cybersecurity for Law Firms” paper to help law firms secure their data, regardless of size or focus of practice. In this paper, we cover:

  • The importance of IT and cybersecurity for law firms.


  • Threats to law firms and their data


  • Data compliances and standards to be followed by law firms


  • How law firms can protect their data



And much more. In “Cybersecurity for Law Firms”, we’ve shared our experience and compiled a series of standards from the top technology institutions, organizing it all in a way to be easily digestible for busy lawyers, attorneys, and other involved employees.


What is in this paper?

Why Cybersecurity is Important to Law Firms

Law firms are a great target for cyberattacks, so they must understand the importance of technology and cybersecurity. They must also understand how their sensitive data is used and who has access to it.


How Law Firms Are Potentially Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

From a bad technology setup to an overall lack of knowledge, law firms are susceptible to various vulnerabilities that could be exploited through many different forms of cyberattacks.


Required and Recommended Compliances and Standards

To enforce protection of company and client data, there are compliances that need to be followed by every law firm. Optional standards also greatly assist with strengthening data security.


Ways to Protect Sensitive Law Firm Data

Ultimately, law firms must make the effort to protect their data. With a data security plan and constant effort to refine business and technology processes to assess and fix vulnerabilities, a law firm can worry less about cyberattacks.




Cybersecurity for Law Firms Download