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Explore the perceptions and behaviors regarding technology in the workplace across the nation.

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At RedPanda Systems, we are constantly eager to learn about technology’s role in the workplace and how it affects business growth. Thus, we decided to conduct a research study  explore such topic, as well explore other questions such as:

  • How do businesses handle their day-to-day IT operations?


  • How does a business’s technology function across departments?


  • How do they protect their data? And how do they feel about it?


And much more. In the 2022 Las Vegas and National Business Technology Survey Study, we interviewed business professionals across the nation, with a third of these professionals conducting work in the city of Las Vegas. These were top-level employees spanning a variety of industries, and nearly all have a say as to the technology that is implemented in their company.


What did we learn?

The Role and Gaps of Technology in the Workplace

Technology plays a prominent role in the audience’s companies and while it is helping professionals complete their work, they acknowledge the fact that their tech could use an upgrade in the future. Regardless, they want a technology setup compatible within all facets of the company. 


The Role of IT and Cybersecurity Efforts

For many respondents, IT is heavily involved in various company processes, and their familiarity with cybersecurity is strong. However, respondents are not as knowledgeable in various data compliances despite believing that their company abides by these compliances, acknowledging their importance.


The Drastic Difference of Perceptions Between Las Vegas and National Businesses 

So. Nevada drastically lags behind the rest of the nation when it comes to cybersecurity and IT investments. Whereas the nation invests more than 60 percent of their IT budget to cybersecurity, Las Vegas businesses only allocate no more than 40 percent. And when probed for the importance of IT to their company, not a single Las Vegas business ranked IT as most important. 




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