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We’ve launched the first official episode of The RedPanda Systems Podcast. In Episode 1, we spoke with Heidi Erpelding-Welch, Chief Program Officer for the nonprofit organization, Tech Impact. We discussed how they are empowering non-profit organization through technology improvements and education, as well as fostering new leaders for the future. Check out our latest episode below.



Heidi Erpelding-Welch - Chief Program Officer - Tech Impact ...

About Our Special Guest, Heidi Erpelding-Welch

Heidi Erpelding-Welch is the Chief Program Officer for the nonprofit organization, Tech Impact.  Tech Impact’s mission is to leverage technology to advance social impact.  In her role, Heidi oversees IT Workforce Development programs in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Delaware.  These programs help to diversify the IT workforce and provide individuals with an opportunity to receive the education and experience necessary to start a rewarding career in the tech field.  Prior to her role at Tech Impact, Heidi oversaw the development and management of noncredit, professional development programs at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Both personally and professionally, Heidi is privileged to be surrounded by really smart people who care.  She resides in the Las Vegas area with her very patient spouse, two kids who are already smarter than her, and one huge, lovable mutt. Connect with Heidi on here LinkedIn, here.

We have a lineup of intriguing guests and topics to discuss, so please stay tuned for Episode 2 of The RedPanda Systems Podcast!