About RedPanda System

RedPanda Systems is a dynamic IT & cybersecurity company based in Las Vegas that offers in-depth IT consulting services and training to foster business growth for its clients.

Established in 2015 by Dave and Keith, two skilled IT professionals with a shared passion for technology, their joint business venture was born from a mutual ambition to create something exceptional. 

The first iteration of the business was coined “Las Vegas IT Consulting” which although straight to the point, missed something that made it stand out. So after a thorough Google search of cute animals, a small mammal that looks more like a fox than a panda caught their eye. Thus was the birth of their new name and the start of a new chapter for their business–RedPanda Systems. In 2019, the company was officially rebranded, where they now continue to support a multitude of businesses across the Southwest region with their IT services, cybersecurity, cloud backup, vCIO and fiber internet services, and most importantly, the technological knowledge to scale businesses.


Keith Hummel


Keith, a Partner at RedPanda Systems, discovered his passion for computers at a young age, which grew into an innate desire to learn more about IT. 

Born and raised in Northern California, he decided to hone his skills at Heald College in San Francisco, where he not only obtained his Associate’s degree but also kickstarted his career as the college’s IT support. From there he was then hired as a contractor by Kaiser Permanente, one of California’s largest healthcare system networks.

Today Keith uses the knowledge he’s picked up over the years and his deep passion to work alongside Dave and the RedPanda team with the goal of supporting small businesses, cybersecurity, and IT needs. Keith’s dedication to his craft lies in the joy he gets from making sure customer’s IT systems are fully operational, allowing for productivity and the alleviation of concern. The daily challenge, whether it be a simple task or one that requires complex solutions, is what keeps him excited to come to work every day.


Experienced, Certified Professionals for IT Support

Experience RedPanda Systems’ uniquely human-first approach to IT solutions and support, where we prioritize answering questions with actual solutions. RedPanda Systems has unmatched expertise in the IT field, especially software and data service needs that apply to professional clients. Our in-depth experience and training encompass a wide array of needs, including data storage, security, and IT support. Many types of businesses manage their operations and communications online and on computers, including file sharing and storage. 

With hands-on assistance from our team, you can rest easy knowing your computer systems and stored data are safe and well-managed without having to hire an in-house team of IT specialists. Priding ourselves on providing our clients with dependable managed IT services that ensure their digital workload and daily tasks have the expert support they require to run smoothly, we believe in simplifying IT to ensure your protection, providing comprehensive solutions that prioritize your needs and security. We understand that disseminating information about IT issues and topics can be challenging, which is why we go above and beyond to assimilate ourselves into your position. By taking the time to  understand your perspective, we are able to provide tailored solutions and unparalleled support, setting us apart as your trusted IT partner. 

Entrusting us with your computer services gives you safe access to your files and IT help whenever you need them. And with cybersecurity services like firewalls and cyber audits, your valuable work is safe from being corrupted, stolen, or erased by malicious internet users, viruses, worms, and other malware. Experience our proactive approach to IT support, where we don’t just wait for problems to arise – we anticipate them.

Everyone deserves access to exceptional computer support for their professional needs, and we deliver that peace of mind, from reliable cloud backup to remote support.


Main Office Based In Las Vegas

With their main office in Las Vegas, Nevada, RedPanda System’s office serves as a central hub for our dedicated team to provide comprehensive IT support to our clients. We offer cybersecurity, firewall, and security audit services, all of which protect your systems and data from harmful malware, data theft, and other online threats. We believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional computer support, and our office allows us to do just that–deliver peace of mind to our clients both locally and remotely.

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